Friday, November 4, 2011

Paradise on Land or Land on Paradise?

We're finally back from our break, and have taken some time to root us back to reality. Sure enough we still return to dreamland every night, but I guess we have to work extra hard now to be able to afford another vacation.

As promised, here are some photos of Maldives -- that's right, that was exactly where we laid our asses bumming and binging for 4 whole days! Sure we did some work, but those photos will come after :)

Now feast your eyes on the spectacular sights of Maldives... we can't really decide if it's Land on Paradise or vice versa, why don't you help us out? ;)
The colourful bus that took us to the private seaplane airport... kinda cute innit?
Our luggages being loaded onto the seaplane
The view from up there...
Another short boat trip before we got to the resort
Upon arrival
Welcome drink
 Now check out our water villas...

 Around the resort:

More photos of beautiful Maldives with even more beautiful clothing coming up soon! :)

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